Abstracted Landscapes by Pamela Gibson and Scotty Craighead

In the media: CREATIVE PEAKS: Time and spaces

By Kelsey Dayton on September 1, 2015, Planet Jackson Hole.

While creating her new body of work, Gibson thought a lot about time. She thought about time in various contexts, like the changing of the seasons, or the changing of light during the day.

“Time is always a thing in my work, but it’s a little more prevalent in this work,” she said.

Gibson starts with a photograph, often of places near Jackson, when the light hits in a way she finds intriguing or the colors draw her in. That serves as a guide for her work, but the result is abstracted to where it’s unrecognizable.

“I think of all my work as landscapes,” she said. “It’s abstracted landscape, but landscapes never the less.”

This Particular Spring by Pamela Gibson

This Particular Spring by Pamela Gibson

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