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Articles and recognition featuring Pamela Gibson and her artwork.

A New Sense of Place

In the media: A New Sense of Place, Contemporary Western landscape is not an oxymoron, by Jeannette Boner, February 23rd, 2016, Jackson Hole Magazine. PORTLAND TRANSPLANT PAMELA Gibson always starts a painting by studying a photograph she has taken in the landscape. She then begins sketching. “In the underpainting there is a realistic sketch as […]

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Wyoming Inspired Hues

In the media: Wyoming Inspired Hues, For Pamela Gibson, different environs ushered her work into a new sphere, by Kelsey Dayton on June 3rd, 2015, Planet Jackson Hole. Jackson Hole, Wyoming – A lot of things changed for Pamela Gibson when she moved to Jackson from Portland, Ore., about six years ago. Gibson was a tapestry weaver […]

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