Deep Expressions

By Kelsey Dayton, Planet Jackson Hole

August 1st, 2018

Walking into what Pamela Gibson has drawn from the world

‘Give the buried flower a dream’ by Pamela Gibson.

JACKSON HOLE, WY – Song lyrics and poetry fill Pamela Gibson’s head as she works on her art.

“For me, content is really important,” the encaustic artist said. “I have to have some ideas besides a visual idea that I’m inspired by, or I get lost.”

So while some artists don’t title their work, or give a piece a basic name denoting its place in a series, the title of Gibson’s work gives viewers insight into an integral part of her process. Gibson’s work is driven not just by the landscape, where she finds inspiration, or the material she uses to experiment with color and texture, but also the words of the writers, artists and musicians that join in her mind as she works in her studio.

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