Gibson explores time in her new works

By Kelsey Dayton, Jackson Hole News & Guide
Wednesday, September 13th, 2017

Artist Pamela Gibson has spent the past year vigilantly watching for the smallest of details that time was passing. She’d notice a leaf turn yellow, then a few turned orange, a precursor to the valley’s transformation to fall.

“I really tried to watch how the seasons change, because it’s not a smooth transition,” she said…

Gibson’s yearlong study of the seasons is documented in her new piece “Our Valley,” commissioned for St. John’s Medical Center through its Art and Healing program.

Her piece is one of several new works the hospital acquired as part of its Art and Healing program, said John Goettler, president of the St. John’s Hospital Foundation.

The painting at St. John’s, as well as the work at The Stable, also deal with time, a constant theme in Gibson’s work.

“I can’t get away from it, and it expresses itself in different ways,” she said. “I think we get old enough and we realize time isn’t infinite anymore, and it becomes more and more precious. It is something always on my mind. It’s something we all have, until we don’t. It’s seminal to me even wanting to make art.”

To read the full article about Pamela Gibson’s signature piece for the St. John’s Hospital Foundation, or about her new show at The Stable, please click here.



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