Elemental — that which is basic, seminal, fundamental; embodying the forces of nature. Earth, wind, fire, and water are the essential physical elements, and they exist seen or unseen in every landscape. The fifth element is called by many names: spirit, akasha, the void. This element gives the four physical elements, and indeed our lives, meaning.
I continue to have the companionship of great artists with me in my studio: musicians, poets, writers and painters. While I paint I am listening to music, referring to books of poetry and looking up song lyrics. Each painting is driven by a visual idea from the landscape, formal experimentation with color, texture and material, and inspiration from a particular line from a poem or a lyric. Look to the titles for clues. For me all three elements of idea, formal consideration and inspiration must be present for the work to come together. Rothko said there is no such thing as a good painting about nothing.

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