Telling Time

The passage of Time, the western landscape, and exploring the themes of decline and renewal as a part of beauty are seminal to my work. The movement of day into night and one season into the next is dependable and rich in metaphor. This movement through the landscape is our most ancient and basic marker of Time.

Materials are key to the narratives of my paintings. Encaustic is an ancient painting process, involving simmering pots of hot wax infused with pigment, fire, and patience.

The hot wax is applied in thin layers, each layer fused to the next with a torch. The encaustic medium allows for control over opacity and transparency to create depth. Mixed media, including ink, graphite, burning shellac, objects, and dress patterns create texture.

Though each painting begins with a concrete landscape image that I have photographed, this image works only as a cue. It is not my intention to render what I see, but rather to amalgamate the land, vision, language, experience, memory, and time. Just as time erodes our memories, my process obscures concrete images, burying much of the seminal image beneath the surface of the painting. I intend to make the process visible in the work, and part of the metaphor.

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